46 Million Souls Addicted To Food Stamps

46 Million Souls Addicted To Food Stamps
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http://www.atlah.org The Manning Report The government's newly released food stamp enrollment figures reveal that the number of individuals in America on food stamps has topped 46 million...

WTVO/WQRF — At a time when Illinois is seeing substantial drops in its unemployment rate, the conservative Illinois Policy Institute points out a disturbing paradox. Even as more people are finding work, the state also has a record number of people on food stamps. The Policy Institute noted that the new data, which come from the Illinois Department of Human Services, show that more than 1 …

NORFOLK It was the food that made city officials suspicious. Poorly stocked shelves at the Merrimac Market in Norfolk featured stale snack cakes and expired baby food and formula. Products were months – even years – out of date. “It was all very confusing,” recalled Deputy City Attorney Cynthia Hall. “There were hundreds of outdated items.”

Can Big Data Help Build a Better Food Bank?

It's a simple enough idea: People who have enough to eat donate canned goods and other nonperishable items to the food bank, and their hungry neighbors, some 50 million Americans, are able to bridge the gap between pay and food stamps with the donations. Except, when charities are running food distribution programs across multiple municipalities, serving thousands or even hundreds of thousands …

Nearly 15 years ago, Oregon had the highest rate of hunger in the nation. The state changed a number of policies to try to help. But the percentage of people facing hunger today is nearly as high as it was in 2000.

The Schenectady County DA announced Wednesday that small business owner Vishnunarine Singh has pled guilty to grand larceny and misuse of food stamps in connection to a drawn food stamps for cash scheme.

Several years ago, drivers with Meals on Wheels of Durham began noticing that some of their elderly clients were sharing the meals brought to their homes with their pets. So… Click to Continue »

The Surprising Fact of Hunger in America

For many, unemployment and poverty rates have remained stubbornly high since the 2008 recession, and the number of households receiving nutrition assistance from the federal food stamp program has increased by about 50 percent between 2009 and 2013, according to Feeding America, a domestic hunger relief program. As the economy begins to pick up, a small but growing number of states are …

CBS 13 (WGME) NOV '14 Proof of Image F: Food Stamps (Promo)
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www.SFTU.info 679. Managing slaves' desperation with Food Stamps
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